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Way Of Life

This is our moving shop!

Following a nomadic lifestyle, we could not resist of sharing our findings with all of you.

We are always on the road, in search for quality products & food that nourish the body & the mind

In this adventure we've met many people in various different places, that produce real natural beneficial goods made with care and love

We had to spread the world!

We established an irregular little shop, that is always on the road, following the biggest festivals every season.

You are welcome to visit and geto to know our products, or even introduce us your own production.

After all we are always in search for new findings

We only support the best, real, natural products

Quality defines us

Looking forward to meet all of you


Alitia is an idea that became a way of life. We are here to introduce to you this way of living. Alitia is an ancient greek means freedom, and this is exactly what we represent. Alitia started from a group of childhood friends with a very strong bond.

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